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Stargazer Baby Hair Extension

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Quick Overview

These vivid coloured clip on synthetic hair extensions, are easy to use, and can be cut to any length. They definitely brighten up any hair, without having to use hair dye, and are 100% washable too.

Stargazer was established in 1978 with the opening of a stall in the Great Gear Market in the Kings Road London. Kings Road was the centre of the punk fashion in London at the time and it was this attitude towards colour and the outrages that moulded many of the company’s ideas behind the ranges that we produce. They're still based in the UK, in Croydon on the outskirts of London.

In the 1980’s Stargazer began to expand in to the department stores trying to bring the colours they produced to a wider audience. Then in the late 1980’s Stargazer started to slowly produce the products themselves. Where now they produce the majority of the products in-house.

Stargazer products are very colorful and outrageous. They produce hair colours and sprays, nail polishes, lipsticks, hair extensions, tattoo pens, powders, false eyelashes and many other cosmetic products.

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