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Quick Overview

Contact Lenses for comfort and quality wearing.
Innovision lenses offer the wearer the opportunity to stress their own eye color or change it. Avaiable are many different

shades and styles that are suitable for everyday wear or maybe go to a party.
Sales on the lenses do not correct vision!

Contact lenses Kit contains:

1x Pair contact lenses

1x 40ml Cleaning mix

1x Lens kit specifications:

PWR: -0.00 D BC (radius): 8.7 mm

DIA (diameter): 14.2 mm

Water content: 43%

NB! Please note that Innovision Lens contact lenses are not designed for eye defects and diseases, they are intended only to change color in mind! Wear period: 90 days, the lenses are designed for use in 3 months after the opening, regardless of the number of times you are three months of wear. All Products comes with the European CE mark & have received Quality Assurance Standard, ISO 9001 & ISO 13485. All ranges are made with completed cast mold by the patented pigment outside inlay method, the most sophisticated & safe colour eye accessory printing technology.

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