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InnoVision Contact Lenses UV

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Quick Overview

PWR: -0.00
B.C: 8.7 mm
DIA: 14.2 mm
Wearing period: 90 days.

Box contains:
1 x Pair of contact lenses.
1 x 40ml cleaning solution.
1 x lens case.

InnoVision Lens produce high quality colour contact lenses made with cast mould lenses, using the patented colour lens printing technology.

Innovision Lens Contact lenses are intended for occasional use only. Check with your eyecare practitioner before wearing for prolonged periods or on a daily basis. Your eyecare practitioner will advise you of your recommended wearing schedule.

Innovision Lens Contact Lens have a 3 month life after opening. They are intended to be replaced 3 months after opening, irrespective of the number of times worn during that 3 month period. Please note that Innovision Lens Contact Lenses are not intended to correct any defect of sight and are intended only for cosmetic colour change. If you are in any doubt, please seek further advice from your medical or eyecare practitioner.

Innovision Lens Color Contact Lenses are suitable for normal, healthy eyes (size: 14.5mm diameter, median base curve). If you are in any doubt as to whether these eye accessories are suitable for you, then please consult a medical or eyecare practitioner.

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