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Alchemy Ripats Blood Moon

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A skein of bats flitters about this deep and sinister portent.

Height : 58mm
Width : 50mm
Depth : 10mm
Weight : 30g

Alchemy Gothic (also known as Alchemy 1977) is a brand name for the jewelry, decor and accessories produced by the Alchemy Carta group. Established in Leicester, England in 1977, Alchemy Gothic has become a notable brand in the Gothic community, renowned for their fine, intricate pewter work and unique designs. Alchemy Gothic uses only the finest English pewter. This is a strictly controlled alloy consisting of 92% tine, with the final 8% comprising of antimony and copper. As it is free of lead and nickel, the jewelry is ideal for those who may be sensitive or allergic to most mass-market jewelry.

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